Watertown City Council discusses snow storage in cul de sacs  (Audio)

January 3, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Snow storage in Watertown’s cul de sacs was an issue that came up at Monday night’s city council meeting.

The council heard a report from Assistant City Engineer Justin Peterson on revisions to Engineering Design Standards in Watertown.

The revision included language that would allow the Street Department the option of storing snow on an empty lot between homes in a cul de sac.

Councilman Mike Danforth says, “bad idea”……

Peterson says snow removal in cul de sacs is time-consuming and costly, but Danforth says he’s not sure piling snow in an empty lot in a cul de sac would save any money….

City Manager Amanda Mack then offered this compromise…

And that’s exactly what the council approved, on a unanimous vote.