Watertown airport manager keeping a watchful eye on impacts of coronavirus  (Audio)

March 10, 2020
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.—The global outbreak of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is having far-reaching effects on our everyday lives.

The stock market has been crashing, crude oil prices have been plummeting, and generally speaking, people are worried. That includes the airline industry.

At Monday’s Airport Board meeting, Watertown Regional Airport Manager Todd Syhre (pictured) said cuts in flights are already happening within the industry….

He says airports, large and small, are taking steps to prevent any spread of COVID-19….

He says the idea is to keep airplanes and terminals as clean as possible…

Syhre reported 1,295 passengers boarded flights at Watertown Regional Airport in February. January boardings were 1,149.