Watertown 18U Softball team places first at USA Softball state tournament

Brent Nathaniel

WATERTOWN, S.D. (GoWatertown.net) — USA Softball held their youth state tournaments this past weekend.

In 12U local teams of Albinoi Rhinos Co-ed (Watertown) went 4-0, Illusion Co-ed (Henry) 1-2, One Hit Wonders Co-ed (Watertown) 1-2 and Bat Attitudes Coed (Watertown) 0-3.

In 14U Watertown teams of Rage Co-ed would go 5-0, Beast Mode Co-ed (Watertown) 4-3, Dirty Diamonds Co-ed, Duanes Floor Covering Orange and Thunderchickens Co-ed would each 1-2, Duanes Floor Covering Blue 1-3 and Elite Fruit Loops 0-3.

In 16U, Bomb Squad Co-ed (Redfield) would go 6-1, Sioux Valley Repair (Hayti) 3-2, Master Batters Co-ed (Watertown) 3-2, Flaming Marshmellows (Watertown) 4-2, Bomba Squad Co-ed (watertown) 3-2, Alcoballics Co-ed (Watertown) 2-2, Co-ed 19 (Revillo) 1-3, and the Donkey Kickers Co-ed (Watertown), Basic Pitches (Watertown) and Bat Intentions Co-ed (Watertown) each 0-3.

At the 18U, Duanes Floor Covering Co-ed (Watertown) would take the tournament going 8-1, Hot Moms Co-ed (Watertown) 2-2, Back Yardigains (Watertown) 3-2, KPB Co-ed (Watertown) 2-2, Dirty Divas (Redfield) 1-3, Project Mayhem Co-ed (Watertown) 1-3 and Arby’s Greased Lightning Co-ed (watertown) 1-2.