Waterman suggests all talks on new county jail be halted  (Audio)

May 26, 2020
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.—An interesting debate at today’s (Tuesday’s) Codington County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Charlie Waterman (pictured) introduced a resolution that would have effectively shut down, or in his words placed a, “hard stop” on all discussions about building a new county jail or remodeling the existing one…

Commissioner Lee Gabel serves on the Codington County Justice Advisory Committee, which has twice formulated plans for a new jail which have been defeated by the public….

Commissioner Myron Johnson talked as if a moratorium wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

State’s Attorney Becky Morlock-Reeves says the resolution was poorly worded, and if passed, would make the county vulnerable to a lawsusit…

Then Gabel added these comments….

Before a vote could be taken, Waterman withdrew the resolution, but said he would refine the wording and present it again at a future date.