Walz pleading for violent protests over George Floyd’s killing to stop  (Audio)

May 29, 2020
Mike Tanner

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—Minnesota Governor Tim Walz held a news conference this morning requesting an end to the looting and violence that has rocked Minneapolis and nearby suburbs the past three nights.

Protesters are angry over the death of George Floyd, a man who was handcuffed and in police custody while an officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck, causing his death.

Nearly 200 stores have been vandalized and looted, and last night, the violence went up a notch, as a Minneapolis police precinct station was set on fire.

Walz says while he fully understands their anger, the violent protests need to stop…

The officer involved in Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, has been fired, but not criminally charged.


PHOTO Courtesy Associated Press