UPDATE: Travas Uthe buys Watertown’s city-owned Showmobile  (Audio)

June 20, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Watertown’s city-owned showmobile is being sold to a private individual.

At Tuesday afternoon’s city council meeting, the board voted unanimously to sell the portable stage to Travas Uthe for $15,010.

Uthe submitted the highest of four bids to the city for the showmobile.

He told the council its a community asset that needs to be protected…

Uthe told the council how he plans to use the showmobile after he purchases it….

The city council declared the showmobile surplus property this spring. It has an appraised value of $9,000.

Uthe says people and organizations who had it reserved when it was city-owned will still have access to it when he assumes ownership of it.