UPDATE: Sheriff Brad Howell talks about bomb-related arrests in Florence  (Audio)

May 3, 2024

Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–It was a long day Thursday for local and federal law enforcement officers in Florence.

Initially, Codington County deputies executed a search warrant at a home at 321 Flyer Drive just after 8 a.m., suspecting there were guns in the home that were being illegally possessed.

Sheriff Brad Howell tells KWAT News once they got inside, they found much more. Several homemade explosive devices that were dangerous, and they knew they had to get out…

Howell explains how many bombs they found, and what they looked like…

They arrested three suspects in all–41 year-old John Felice, 28 year-old Katelyn Gamble and 39 year-old Christopher Gamble–all of Florence.

They face drug and weapons charges, and the Gamble’s are also charged with abuse or neglect of children.

Howell was asked what the trio intended to do with the bombs…

Howell says the investigation began last month when a traffic stop was made on Felice, and he was found to have meth in his possession.

Howell says the investigation is ongoing, but he does not expect any more arrests at this time.