Two people killed in motorcycle crashes on day three of Sturgis Rally

August 8, 2023

STURGIS, S.D.–Two people died in motorcycle crashes on the third official day of the Sturgis rally.

The rally’s first fatality took place before 10 a.m. Sunday just southeast of Sturgis on Interstate 90, when the rider of a 2021 Harley Davidson motorcycle braked unexpectedly, causing a van to rear-end the bike. Another motorcycle with a sidecar was unable to avoid the wreck and also crashed. A third motorcycle also struck the wreckage.

The 54-year old female passenger of the second motorcycle was pronounced dead on the scene, according to a news release from DPS spokesman Steve Long. Everyone else involved sustained serious non-life-threatening and minor injuries.

The second death on Sunday came a few hours later on Highway 14A southwest of Sturgis, when the 41-year-old male rider of a 2007 Harley Davidson missed a curve, skidding into then tumbling in the north ditch. He was pronounced dead at the scene.