Trial for former Watertown city councilman in sign dispute continued to November

October 18, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–There will be a delay in the scheduled trial of a former Watertown city councilman who’s in a dispute with the city over signage at his business.

The bench trial of Josh Weyh, which was scheduled to begin tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, has been continued until November 16th.

Weyh is accused of violating Watertown’s sign ordinance, which bans “feather flag type signs.”

Weyh had three of them on his pizza restaurant property on West Kemp Avenue this summer, and refused requests by the city to take them down.

He’s pleaded not guilty to a charge of Prohibited Signs.

Watertown City Attorney Matt Roby says when, or if, the case goes to trial, it will be a bench trial, meaning it will be heard by a judge who will render the verdict, rather than a jury.