Treasurer Office sets up drop box for real estate taxes

(News Release) — Codington County property owners have until April 30th to pay the first half of their 2019 due in 2020 real estate and mobile home taxes without a penalty. Due to office closures to avoid spreading the Coronavirus and protect the public and staff, Codington County Treasurer has set up a green drop box on the south side of the Courthouse for you to deposit your payments. The taxes can be paid by placing your check and the tear stubs from your Official Real Estate Tax notices in the drop box. Codington County Treasurer will process your payment and mail you a tax receipt.

Payments can also be paid online by going to Once you are on the site you will click on the link for a list of items you can do by mail or online. Tax payments can be mailed to the treasurer’s office but must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2020. Remember that the post office only postmarks mail until 5:30 PM. Our address is Codington County Treasurer 14 First AVE SE Watertown, SD 57201. Please mail your payments early.

Unpaid taxes will become delinquent as of May 1. Once delinquent, interest at the annual rate of 10% will be added to the original amount until full payment is made. If you have any questions about your tax amount, please call the Treasurer’s Office at 882-6285 or email us at [email protected].