Summit Carbon Solutions representatives visit Glacial Lakes Energy  (Audio)

November 3, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Glacial Lakes Energy hosted an invitation-only meeting Wednesday on Summit Carbon Solutions’ $4.5 billion pipeline project.

The pipeline will capture carbon dioxide from 32 ethanol plants in a five-state region, including Glacial Lakes in Watertown, and transport it to an underground storage location in North Dakota.

Glacial Lakes CEO Jim Seurer talked about what they hoped to accomplish with Wednesday’s meeting..

Seurer was asked if shareholders are on board with the pipeline project…

Seurer says if Glacial Lakes is not part of this CO2-capture project, they’ll be left behind…

Summit Carbon Solutions is based in Ames, Iowa. A spokesman says the 8-inch pipeline will be buried a minimum of four feet deep, and every weld on the line will be x-rayed periodically to ensure its safety.

They hope to begin construction in the fall of 2023, and have the pipeline operational by the fourth quarter of 2024.