South Dakota House Committee passes resolution on zebra mussels  (Audio)

March 1, 2022

PIERRE, S.D.–A day after a bill to help mitigate zebra mussel spread in South Dakota was killed, a resolution was approved supporting a summer study on slowing zebra mussel spread.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 602 would carry no legal authority.

But Justin Smith, speaking for the South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance, says it would give the Governor’s Office encouragement to move forward in dealing with the zebra mussel threat…

Steve Charron of Huron spoke at length about mobile decontamination machines during testimony on zebra mussels (pictured) throughout the session. Representative Tim Goodwin asked Charron about trying to get more…

The resolution passed the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee on an eleven-zero vote. It now moves to the full House.