December 2, 2019
Mike Tanner
KWAT Radio News

WATERTOWN, S.D.—There was more discussion about the use of snow gates in Watertown Monday.

The Public Works Committee meeting included a presentation from Street Department Superintendent Rob Beynon and City Engineer Heath VonEye (pictured) on the use of the gates.

Watertown has three of them currently. The gates are used to block snow from piling up at the end of driveways when a plow comes down the street.

The city council is weighing the idea of using snow gates in all parts of the city, keeping the status quo, or eliminating them entirely.

Beynon says he can work with whatever decision the council comes up with….

Beynon says that last option, having private contractors come in with skid steer loaders to clean the ends of driveways, is probably the most inexpensive option….

Beynon says until the council makes some decisions, it will be status quo with the use of snow gates in select parts of Watertown…

If the council were to decide to eliminate the use of snow gates entirely, Beynon believes the entire city could be plowed out in less than 24 hours—although current policy would prevent that from happening….

Look for discussions to continue at upcoming city council meetings.