Sioux Falls police officer injured when dragged by vehicle

April 25, 2022

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.–A Sioux Falls police officer was injured in an incident with a motorist Sunday morning.

The call to the 600-block of Charlotte Avenue South was a report of a pickup that was parked, but with an engine that had been running for a couple of hours.

Officers got to the scene, woke up the man in the pickup, and turned the engine off. That’s when the man began struggling with the officers. He re-started the engine and drove off, dragging one of the officers a short distance.

That officer sustained some road rash injuries to his head, arm and leg.

As the pickup sped away, two bags of drugs were dropped from the vehicle containing a combined 47 grams of meth.

The driver was eventually chased down on foot. He’s identified as 33 year-old Joshua Hamilton of Sioux Falls.

He was arrested for fleeing police, possession of a controlled substance, resisiting arrest, reckless driving and other counts.