Search underway for location of new Watertown Street Department headquarters (Audio)

Mike Tanner/KWAT

October 20, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–No final decision has been made yet, but the process of choosing a location for a new Watertown Street Department headquarters has begun.

The current site on Arrow Avenue (pictured) has become too small for all of the snowplows, dump trucks and other equipment that are stored there, and some of the buildings are not heated or insulated.

City Manager Amanda Mack says JLG Architects of Sioux Falls is helping city officials choose a location for a new building, and that process began last week…

Watertown Street Superintendent Rob Beynon says having big, expensive equipment in a non-heated environment in the winter time is a big deal…

The city has budgeted $7.5 million dollars for a new Street Department building, which includes land acquisition costs.