Roberts County authorities rescue malnourished, mistreated animals

August 15, 2022
Mike Tanner

SISSETON, S.D.–The Roberts County Sheriff’s office seized several malnourished and abused animals following the execution of a search warrant on Friday.

The specific location of the search warrant was not revealed according to a news release posted on social media, but authorities say they were, “shocked by the extent of neglect and suffering” from animals at the residence.

Some of the dogs located on the property were, “20 to 30 pounds underweight for their respective breeds, and others were left baking in the sun in incredibly hot weather with no access to water.”

The sheriff’s office says all of the animals have been receiving treatment for their injuries and have been relocated to safe and loving homes.

Removed from the property were eight dogs, seven cats, three kittens, three sugar gliders and two rabbits.