PIERRE, S.D. (KCCR-AM) — The South Dakota Football Advisory Board met last week to discusses changes, advancements and consider proposals to not only the 2021 cycle but also for next year’s season. The biggest potential change for the 2021 cycle would be the movement to five classes across South Dakota Football.

According to the Assistant Executive Director, John Krogstrand, starting in 2021, South Dakota could move to five classes for football. In the new system there will be three 11-Man classes and two 9-Man classes. Class 11AA would resemble Class 11AAA in 2019-2020 cycle while Class 11A would have the next 16 biggest schools. 11B would then have the rest of the 11-Man teams and the two 9-Man schools would be divided evenly into the two classes.

Krogstrand says they looked at the history of how they got to this point and also looked into the coming future to come to this recommendation

Krogstrand talked about the next step in the process in getting this ratified

In addition to the classification process, Krogstrand mentioned some proposals being put into place next

Krogstrand says the committee also discussed the start date of football along with the 20% rule with the co-ops. The board of directors meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2020.