Potential changes to zoning around Lakes Kampeska and Pelican up for discussion  (Audio)

April 10, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Some spirited discussion by the Watertown City Council Monday on proposed changes to what’s known as the C-L Lake Commercial zoning designation in Watertown.

The zoning is meant to establish appropriate locations around Lakes Kampeska and Pelican to accomodate commercial development around those two bodies of water.

But recent C-L Lake Commercial zoning requests have been met with opposition from lake homeowners who don’t like the idea of commercial businesses potentially going up in their neighborhood.

Councilman Colin Paulsen is not a fan of a committee being formed to take a deep dive into potential changes in this zoning district….

Councilman Mike Danforth voiced support for residential homeowners around Lake Kampeska….

Back to Councilman Paulsen, he says every re-zoning development proposal in Watertown seems to turn into a fight, and he says that should not be happening…

Councilman Bruce Buhler doesn’t see this conversation as a “fight” as Paulsen suggests…

The C-L Lake Commercial zoning district in its current form has been on the books for just short of two years.