North Dakota political parties endorse governor candidates

April 8, 2024

FARGO, N.D.–North Dakota’s Republican and Democratic parties have selected their nominees for governor.

Kelly Armstrong and State Representative Michelle Strinden are the Republican party’s endorsed candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.

Armstrong announced his candidacy in January after Gov. Doug Burgum’s announcement that he would not be seeking a third term.

Armstrong was elected as North Dakota’s U.S. Congressman in 2018 after serving six years in the state Senate.

Strinden has served in the State House, representing Fargo’s District 41 since 2018.

Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller is also running for governor, but decided to skip the convention. Her running mate is State Commerce Commissioner Josh Teigen.

On the Democratic side, Merrill Piepkorn was the only candidate for governor after Travis Hipsher dropped out of the race. Piepkorn has been a state senator since 2017, and represents District 44 in north Fargo. He has chosen Patrick Hart as his running mate.

Hart, a Pembina native, is the treasurer of the State Democratic party.