North Dakota lawmakers hit the brakes on bill raising Interstate Highway speed limits to 80 mph  (Audio)

February 16, 2021

BISMARCK N.D.–The North Dakota House has put the brakes on a bill to raise the speed limit on Interstate highways to 80 miles an hour.

The bill says the speeds would be raised if and when the Department of Transportation determines the interstates can support that speed. Another section of the bill would have set a minimum 40 miles per hour speed on those highways.

The bill was split into two sections — one on the higher limit, one on the minimum.

Cando Republican Representative Greg Westlind argued against the higher speed limit. He admitted he sets his cruise control to 82 miles an hour on the Interstates. But he told the House.

But Minot Republican Representative Dan Ruby countered that the DOT has been open to the idea, at least on stretches of the two Interstates.

That portion of the bill failed on a 56 to 38 vote. The second part failed as well.