December 16, 2019

Mike Tanner


UNDATED—China has expressed cautious optimism about an agreement to start dialing down a trade war that it blames the U.S. for starting.

Chinese experts and news media said over the weekend that the deal would reduce uncertainty for companies and lay the foundation for further talks.

The two countries announced a “Phase 1” agreement Friday.

The U.S. will reduce tariffs and China will buy more U.S. farm products.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was ready for some good news……

But there’s some apprehension about what next spring could mean in terms of flooding. In the near term, South Dakota will rely on multiple federal disaster declarations to help re-build infrastructure damaged by high water…

South Dakota has had plenty of practice dealing with disasters. More have been declared this year than any single year in the state’s history…

It’s much the same in North Dakota, where Governor Doug Burgum has coordinated meetings with the Department of Emergency Services and the National Guard to prepare for spring flooding after a record wet fall that has produced high river flows and left soils saturated going into winter.