Noem says South Dakota’s COVID-19 peak might not happen until July or August  (Audio)

April 2, 2020
Mike Tanner

PIERRE, S.D.—The number of cases of coronavirus in South Dakota reached 165 Thursday—up 36 cases from the day before.

For people hoping this nightmare is over soon, Governor Noem says don’t bank on it. She says all of the social distancing, hand washing, self isolating, all the terms you’ve heard in recent days and weeks will likely need to last well into the summer….

The end result will be pushing out the peak date of South Dakota’s coronavirus cases into late summer….

Noem talked about when that peak could happen…

Businesses that have been forced to close because of the pandemic might to get the chance to re-open until the peak is behind South Dakota.

If that’s not until July or August, KWAT’s Mike Tanner asked Governor Noem how those businesses will survive…

In other words, hunker down and prepare to deal with this virus through the summer, maybe even into the fall.