Noem challenging Board of Regents to improve higher education in South Dakota

May 26, 2023

PIERRE, S.D.–Governor Kristi Noem is challenging the South Dakota Board of Regents to make South Dakota an example to the nation of what quality higher education should look like.

In a letter to the Board released Thursday, Governor Noem charged them with the responsibility of revitalizing the institutions under its control and leading the nation by example.

Among other things, Noem is suggesting the Board:

–Remove all references to preferred pronouns in all school materials and any enforcement of such;

–Remove any policy or procedure that prohibits students from exercising their right to free speech;

–Prohibit drag shows from taking place on university campuses;

–Find ways to cut costs to ensure the affordability of college;

She also wants graduation rates at South Dakota’s colleges and universities to rise to 65 percent by the year 2028.

“As Governor, my duty is to protect the people of South Dakota, ensure that their tax burden remains low, and spend those taxpayer dollars wisely. Together, we can and must set an example to the nation of what strong, conservative higher education can look like,” Governor Noem concluded.