No issues with Watertown’s water supply  (Audio)

May 1, 2024

Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–At this week’s Watertown Municipal Utilities board meeting, an annual report on water quality was discussed.

Water Superintendent Wayne Lovelis says the bottom line is….

And there’s a lot of demand for that water….

Municipal Utilities draws its water from 29 active wells. Three of those wells are in town, and the rest are in the Rauville area and along Sioux Conifer Road.

With farmers using chemicals and fertilizers on fields, and with a lot of tiling occuring to encourage runoff from fields, Lovelis was asked if that makes it more challenging to meet federal standards for clean water…

Lovelis says they’re able to meet demand with the 29 active wells they have currently, but they do have an eye on the future…

A site for those new well fields has not yet been identified.