September 21, 2020
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.—It should be a few months before the snow flies across our region, but snow removal was on the minds of Watertown’s Public Works, Finance and Safety Committee Monday.

They discussed the merits of using snowgates again this winter.

They’re re designed to prevent a big ridge of snow from forming across the width of the end of driveways when snowplows come by.

Watertown has three of them, and used them in parts of the city last winter according to Street Superintendent Rob Beynon….

The committee was nearly unanimous in favoring doing away with them completely this winter.

Councilman Don Roby….

Public Works Director Heath VonEye says there are parts of the city where snowgates will almost never work…

Councilman Glen Vilhauer supports eliminating them this winter…

The committee voted 8-1 to eliminate the use of snowgates in Watertown this winter.

The only member who supports keeping them is Councilman Josh Weyh.