November 18, 2019

Mike Tanner

KWAT Radio News


WATERTOWN, S.D.—The Watertown Street Department might eliminate the use of snow gates this upcoming winter.


On Monday, Street Superintendent Rob Beynon gave the city council a detailed report, including a video demonstration, of the pros and cons of snow gates, which have been used in parts of Watertown since the winter of 2014-2015. They’re designed to prevent snow from piling up on the end of a driveway when a plow comes by.


First off, Beynon says they’re expensive, and they slow down how quickly everyone gets plowed out..….



Additionally, Beynon says snow gates don’t work well in deep snow….



Beynon says when you use snow gates, you also narrow the width of streets, and that comes at a cost….



Beynon put up a slide on a projector screen showing the council where snow gates would be used this winter—from 14th Avenue North to Highway 212, and from 21st Street West to 19th Street East.


But the city council, including Councilman Glen Vilhauer, said not so fast. They want more discussion on whether snow gates are even worth the hassle……



Councilman Don Roby echoed Vilhauer’s comments, saying he’s never been sold on the idea of using snow gates either. He says the cost of using them simply does not match the benefits.