NEW: Watertown City Council will take up key vote on ice arena project Monday night (Audio)

City of Watertown

September 16, 2021

Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The biggest vote yet on a new ice arena in Watertown will come Monday night.

City Manager Amanda Mack tells KWAT News what the city council will be voting on….

Because the proposed funding mechanism is a sales tax revenue bond, Watertown residents would not see any impact on their property tax bill….

If the bond sale is approved by the council, the next step would be for the city to interview and hire what’s known as a, “construction manager at risk” or CMAR for the project…..

Mack explains what a construction manager at risk does, and why it’s beneficial for Watertown to hire one…

The proposed location for the ice arena in north of Hobby Lobby, as part of what’s known as the Lakes at Willow Creek development.