NEW: Multiple agencies hold training exercise in South Shore

September 27, 2021

SOUTH SHORE, S.D.—The Codington County Sheriff’s Office participated in a combined training event on and around Punished Woman Lake in South Shore on Sunday.

In this simulated training exercise, the scenario included rescuing a wounded citizen in the middle of the lake, a boat fire on the north shore line, and locating an armed suspect that had fled the scene in the public hunting area on the North side of the lake.

All of the agencies worked together by setting up an incident command system, and combining all resources available in order to resolve the conflict. Boats, fire trucks, an ambulance, a Special Response Vehicle, and an aerial drone were used and tested in this training.

Scenario-based training allows agencies to practice with and familiarize themselves with the equipment they possess, along with identifying areas where improvement is needed in a large-scale event. By doing this, agencies are able to be better prepared in the event there is a real-life, large-scale incident that arises, in which requires multiple agencies and jurisdictions to work together.

The agencies that participated in the event were the Codington County Sheriff’s Office, Codington County Search and Rescue, Codington County Emergency Management, Grant County Emergency Management, Deuel County Emergency Management, South Shore Fire, South Shore Ambulance, and the Watertown Dispatch.