January 7, 2020
Mike Tanner

ABERDEEN, S.D.—We all know 2019 was a wet, cool year in northeastern South Dakota, and now the National Weather Service has released statistical data that spells that out.

Watertown’s average yearly temperature was 40.3 degrees, or 2.7 degrees below normal.

The hottest day in Watertown in 2019 was June 29th, when the temperature reached 93 degrees.

The coldest day of the year was January 30th, when the low temperature was 34 below zero.

2019 was also the second-wettest year in recorded history in Watertown. Total precipitation for the year was 33.94 inches, or 11.86 inches above normal.

Snowfall in Watertown in 2019 was 79,7 inches, which was a whopping 43.8 inches above normal.

The peak wind gust last year in Watertown was 63 miles per hour recorded on October 21st.

You can check out the numbers for Watertown and other cities in the region by clicking here: https://www.weather.gov/abr/AnnualClimate2019