More than 200 “weapons” confiscated at Codington County security checkpoint in 2023  (Audio)

February 26, 2024
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Last year, there were just over 80,000 people who passed through the security booth at the Codington County Courthouse, and a small percentage of those people had weapons on their person that were detected and turned away.

Sheriff Brad Howell…..

A total of 213 “weapons” were detected at the security booth last year….

The sheriff says people carrying a weapon or an item that can be used as a weapon are asked to return them to their vehicle before being allowed through the security checkpoint.

Items confiscated in 2023:

Box cutters: 101
Leatherman tool: 67
Cathead punch: 11
Scissors: 10
Ammunition: 4
Handguns: 3
Ku batons: 3
Knife blades: 2
Saw blades: 2
Letter openers: 2
Wine openers: 2
Tasers: 2
Pliers: 1
Throwing knife: 1
Paint scraper: 1
Brass knuckles: 1