More discussion, but no agreement yet on smoking shelter ordinance in Watertown  (Audio)

May 17, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–More lengthy discussion Monday night, but no compromise, at least not yet, on what an ordinance will look like in Watertown that regulates outdoor smoking shelters.

South Dakota voters passed a law in 2010 banning smoking in enclosed public spaces.

But since then, business owners, particularly those that own casinos, have been building smoking shelters onto their businesses that will allow customers to go light up in a designated area.

Watertown Police Chief Tim Toomey told the council last night that nearly all complaints about smoking in indoor public spaces in the city involve casinos, and without identifying them by name, he says there are two or three casinos in particular that generate most of the complaints…

Councilman Mike Danforth is troubled by the fact that a select few casino owners are knowingly violating the smoking law that voters approved…

Last night was the second recent council meeting where the issue of smoking shelters was discussed at length.