Minot State University Sports Bubble collapses due to heavy snow

MINOT, N.D. (AP) — The future of Minot State University’s sports bubble is up in the air after last week’s blizzard in North Dakota caused it to collapse.

The university was forced to cancel all the activities that were scheduled in the bubble, which is on the grounds of the athletic facility.

The bubble has been used as a fallback location for softball games when weather is poor, Minot Daily News reports. And, MSU planned to hold a spring football game in the bubble, which is also used for various sports practices.

Athletic staff is meeting this week to begin rescheduling and searching for other places to practice. Athletic director Andy Carter said the university is waiting for the company that supplied the bubble in 2016 to send representatives to assess the damage and how much it would cost to repair it.

“It’s covered in snow now,” he said. “You can’t even really get to it right now.”

He added a considerable amount of sporting equipment had been stored in the bubble.

“It could be a big issue. We don’t even know because we can’t see it. So we don’t know if it’s damaged or it’s just sitting there under the tarp,” he said.