Man barricaded in Watertown hotel room had two guns

On 1/26/2022 at approximately 6:10 PM, Watertown Police received information regarding a subject who was wanted on parole violations and warrants out of the Sioux Falls, SD area. The subject was identified as Mohamed Abdikadir. Watertown Police made contact with Abdikadir at the Econo Lodge hotel 920 14th ST SE, Watertown SD. While attempting to speak with Abdikadir he entered and barricaded his hotel room. Watertown Police attempted to negotiate with Abdikadir throughout the evening and into the morning hours. Due to the information received during the negotiations, the Watertown SWAT team was utilized. Abdikadir had a concealed handgun on his person when he came into contact with SWAT officers. A second handgun was later found inside his hotel room during the execution of a search warrant. Abdikadir is prohibited from possessing firearms. Abdikadir was taken into custody at approximately 1:08 AM on 1/27/2022

Mohamed Abdikadir has been charged with the following offenses:
 Possession of Firearm by Former Violent Offender-2 Counts (SDCL 22-14-15)
 Concealed Dangerous Weapon with Intent to Commit a Felony (SDCL 22-14-8)
 Simple Assa.ult Against Law Enforcement Officer (SDCL 22-18-1.05)
 Resisting Arrest (SDCL 22-11-4)
 Loaded Firearm in Possession while Intoxicated (SDCL 22-14-7)
 Impersonation to Deceive Law Enforcement (SDCL 22-40-1)
 Displaying Another’s ID (SDCL 32-12-17.5).

Bond has been set at $100,000.00 cash only