LATC will move pilot training classes into old terminal building at Watertown Regional Airport  (Audio)

August 15, 2022
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–With a new terminal building at Watertown Regional Airport opening this month, there’s no longer a need for the old terminal, but it’s not ready to meet the wrecking ball quite yet.

On Monday night, the city council approved a five year lease agreement with the Watertown School District.

Lake Area Technical College (LATC) will move into that building and use it as classroom space for students in its pilot training program.

City Attorney Matt Roby…

LATC’s long term goal is to tear down the terminal building, and replace it with a new classroom at the airport. Roby says that language is built into the lease agreement…

LATC is leasing the building for $4 a square foot. Normally the city charges $10 a square foot, but Roby says they’re getting a deal because the school has agreed to provide all maintenance on the building.