Landowner rights rally planned for Thursday at South Dakota Capitol

July 5, 2023

PIERRE, S.D.–The South Dakota Freedom Caucus (SDFC) is calling on Governor Kristi Noem to declare a “man-made emergency” and convene a special legislative session to address what they say is an escalating property rights crisis in South Dakota, fueled by foreign interests.

With a march on the capitol scheduled for noon tomorrow (Thursday) , the Freedom Caucus is demanding immediate action to protect the rights of South Dakota landowners.

“Governor Noem, our land and property rights are under attack, and the time for action is now,” stated Representative Aaron Aylward, Chair of the South Dakota Freedom Caucus. “By declaring a ‘man-made emergency’ and convening a special legislative session, you can put an end to this assault on citizens’ rights.”

The South Dakota Freedom Caucus is calling on citizens to join them in a march on the capitol Thursday from noon to 1 pm CST.

Landowners are upset over the prospect of eminent domain being used by Summit Carbon Solutions to build a carbon capture pipeline across a dozen South Dakota counties.

The demonstration aims to raise awareness and demand immediate action from Governor Noem to protect South Dakota’s property rights.

In an exclusive interview with KWAT News Director Mike Tanner last week, Governor Noem said, “I’m with the landowners and always have been. I’m a very pro, private property rights governor and have been with all the actions I’ve taken.”