KWAT’s Outdoors Report for week of July 12, 2021

Aberdeen  Area Fishing Report
Richmond Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, bluegill, crappie, and perch. The bluegill and perch bite has been good this weekend. Fishermen did well catching bluegills in shallow water.
Elm Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye and northern pike. Anglers fishing from boats have had the best luck.
Elm River: Anglers have been catching walleye and northern pike. Anglers are mainly fishing below the dams because the water levels are low.
James River: Anglers have been catching some northern pike and catfish. Bow fishermen are having good luck shooting carp. Anglers shooting carp need to pick up shot fish and dispose of them properly. The water levels are low, making fishing difficult.
Mina Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, bluegill and perch. The perch bite was good over the weekend. Anglers fishing in the evening have been catching some walleye.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Dry 2: Fishing is fair for walleye.
Dry 1: Fishing is slow for walleye.
Indian Springs: Good on the walleye bite.
Reid: Fishing is fair for walleye.
Swan: Slow to fair for walleye.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen are primarily catching walleye from the boat, as the weeds make shore fishing difficult. The walleye continues to be 14 to 16 inches, with a few over 20 inches being caught as well.
Kampeska: Fishing continues to be slower, but fishermen are finding a few fish. Fishermen are still finding
a few walleye, northern pike, blue gill, crappies and bass.
Pelican Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Dry: Fishing continues to be slower, but fishermen are still finding a few walleye, northern pike, and the occasional perch.

Day County

Fishing Report
Bitter: Walleye bite continues to be good along the weed lines.
Waubay: The bite is still hit or miss.
Lynn Lake: No report.
Enemy Swim: Bass and bluegill continue to bite well.

Hamlin County

Fishing Report
Lake Poinsett: The bite continues to be fair for a mixed bag of walleye, crappie, perch, white bass, northern pike and small mouth bass.
Lake John/Mary: A few walleyes are being caught, but overall activity has been kind of minimal.
Clear Lake: No report.
Three Buck: Fishing is very slow.
Lake Albert: No fishing pressure.

Marshall County

Fishing Report
South Buffalo Lake: Anglers are finding crappies, bluegills and northern pike with an occasional walleye.
North Buffalo Lake: Little to no activity.
Piyas Lake: Walleye bite is slow.
Opitz Lake: Walleye bite is good.
Cattail / Kettle Lake: Activity is slowing due to a lot of vegetation.
Clear Lake: Crappie, blue gill, bass, and northern pike bite with an occasional walleye mixed in; The bite is slowing down.
Roy Lake: Good bass bite with a few northern pike and an occasional walleye.

Park Report

Fort Sisseton:

Murder Mystery at Fort Sisseton:
“2020’s Revenge” “The Park Manager Murder”
Back by Popular Demand, join us for our 2021 Fort Sisseton Murder Mystery! Can you figure out who dunit?
There’s been a murder at the Fort! The staff at Fort Sisseton is excited to leave 2020 behind them and looked forward to having people back at the park for the summer of 2021, but instead it’s been nothing but a disaster!
While planning their events for the year, the staff at Fort Sisseton have been at each other throats. New staff members don’t seem to understand, the old staff members are scared of change which means tension is running high and tempers are flying until one day during the opening procedures the park manager, Ali Jo is found murdered… Follow the trail of clues to figure out who wanted Ali dead, what weapon they used and where the murder took place.
DATES: July 17- July 31st

Explore the buildings at the park while looking for clues related to the murder suspects, weapons, and crime scene. Use your detective skills and the detective sheet (located on the mobile app or at the visitor center) to help you solve the crime. Once you have solved the crime, turn in your sheet on the Fort Sisseton Mobile app or stop into the office during normal hours. Detectives who stop into the Visitor Center during normal hours and is correct will get a prize. Prizes will not be mailed out.