Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report

Richmond: Anglers have been catching walleye, bluegill, and crappies. Anglers targeting bluegills have been having best success later in the evening.
Elm: Anglers have been catching walleye and a few northern pike. Anglers fishing down by the south access been having the best success. High winds made fishing tough over the weekend.
Wylie: The Game, Fish and Parks has recently stocked bluegill, smallmouth bass, and white bass into the lake. This is a great area to take kids fishing.
Elm River: Anglers have been mainly northern pike with a few walleyes mixed in. Anglers have been fishing below the Elm Lake spillway, Kruse’s Dam, and in the Columbia area.
James River: Anglers have been catching northern pike on most bridges. The walleye bite has been slow. Bow fishermen are having good luck shooting carp. Anglers shooting carp need to pick up shot fish and dispose of them properly.
Mina: Anglers have been catching walleye, perch and some bluegills. The bluegill action has picked up mainly in the evening.
Twin Lakes: The bite has slowed down but anglers putting in some time have been finding some walleye and crappie.
Cottonwood: Very inconsistent bite lately. Some walleye and northern pike have been caught.

Clark County
Fishing Report
Fishing pressure was extremely low this past week. A lot of weeds coming up on the lakes making fishing difficult.

Swan: Anglers are catching some small walleyes, but nothing really worth keeping.
Indian Springs: The boat dock is fixed and back in working order.
Dry 2: The road should be complete and usable as of Friday, July 3.

Codington County
Fishing Report

Goose: Weed growth has made shore fishing difficult. Boat fishermen are catching walleye.
Kampeska: Fishermen are still catching a mixed bag of fish from shore and by boat, including (northern pike, white bass, perch, crappie and walleye.)
Pelican: Fishing has slowed down over the past couple of weeks.

Day County
Fishing Report

Due to the high water and safety hazard of a potential vehicle and pedestrian accident, the county is no longer allowing pedestrians on the Grenville grade, Day Co 1 north of Hwy 12 to 140th St., and Yellowstone trail from Main St. to Day Co 1. Also, if you are shore fishing make sure you are parked in a legal parking spot and it is not posted as no parking.

North Rush: Still seeing good fishing pressure with anglers reporting a mixed bag of fish. Some anglers report having to sort a few small walleyes out.
Waubay: The walleye bite continues to be rewarding if the weather cooperates. White bass bite has slowed significantly.
Bitter: Starting to see an uptick in fishing pressure with success being marginal. Anglers that find the fish do well.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report

Poinsett: The walleye bite continues to be fair. Live bait has been a good choice.
Albert: Little to not activity.
Clear Lake: Anglers have reported a fair walleye bite.

Marshall County
Fishing Report

Opitz: Decent walleye fishing in the morning and evenings near timbered main lake points. This would be a great lake to take a kid fishing.
Roy: Good bass and decent walleye bite near main lake structure.
Clear: Great bass bite near main lake points and near shore edges. Good panfish bite near sunken islands.
Buffalo lakes: The panfish bite has been sporadic at best. The anglers moving around to find the best bite are doing really well.
White: A few walleye and crappie being caught but overall slow.
If you’re reading this report and would like to get the entire family involved in the incredible fishing we have available in the area, today is your lucky day!!! SDGFP is trying something new and would like to take a few families out fishing this summer. You will learn easy to access fishing areas and how to clean and cook what you catch. Space is very limited, so call today. Please contact GFP Conservation Officer Casey Dowler at (605) 881-3775 to learn more.

Park Report:

Pelican Lake Recreation Area:
Park Entrance Licenses are required to get into our state parks. They are available online at campsd.com and at a number of local vendors. The park entrance booths are only being staffed on weekends to focus more time and effort to maintaining our parks for your enjoyment, so plan ahead and get your entrance license before you arrive!

Fort Sisseton State Park:
Murder Mystery at Fort Sisseton- COVID Style – July 1st- July 15th. There’s been a murder at the Fort! The staff at Fort Sisseton were excited to have a new intern on board this year, but instead it’s been nothing but a disaster!
Explore the buildings at the park while looking for clues related to the murder suspects, weapons and crime scene. Use your detective skills and the checklist to help you solve the crime. Once you have solved the crime, PM us on Facebook with the crime scene location, the murder and the weapon. Detectives that correctly solve the crime will win a prize and will also be put into a drawing to win a Fort Sisseton Gift Basket! More details and your Detective Sheet are available on the Fort Sisseton Facebook page!

Mina Lake Recreation Area:
The new kayak and canoe beach is now open at Mina Lake Recreation Area come try it out!