Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report
Richmond: Anglers are still catching perch and walleye.
Elm: Anglers have been catching a walleye, perch, and crappie. Most of the anglers have been fishing from boats on the south end of the lake.
James and Elm Rivers: The water levels have dropped significantly.

Hunting Report
Waterfowl: Hunters that are field hunting had the best success harvesting geese and mallards over the weekend. In NE part of the county there are swans, snow geese, and white-fronted geese. Scouting is the key to success for this season. With the recent cold front, we had lots of ducks and snow geese migrate south.
Pheasants: Hunters that are putting in their time are doing well. Hunters hunting corn fields and cattail sloughs have been finding the most birds.
Deer: I am starting to see some pre-rut activity. With the colder weather the deer are on the move. With the harvest underway the hunters are seeing good numbers of deer.

Clark County
Fishing Report

Dry 2: Angler success has slowed down, but still producing a few walleyes and perch.

Hunting Report

Pheasant: Harvest continues and is helping improve the visible bird numbers throughout the county. Public land hunters are still struggling a bit but are at least seeing more birds. Weekly reminder to respect the landowners and make sure to properly road hunt. Some issues still remain and are the most pertinent issues right now.
Waterfowl: Numbers are up in the air, no pun intended. Hearing lots of rumors of ducks and geese still way up in the north country. Waterfowl numbers around the area are not what it should be, but through some good miles and scouting, hunters should be able to find something to hunt.

Codington County
Fishing Report

Goose: Little fishing activity. The boat ramp in the NW corner of the lake is now open for use.
Kampeska: Little fishing activity.
Pelican Lake: Little fishing activity.
Blythe Slough: Opened to boating on September 1st, with no motor restrictions.

Hunting Report

Geese: Starting to see the front end of the northern push as the temperatures have dropped.
Ducks: Seen a good influx of ducks into the area over the past week.
Deer: Rut is getting into full swing and bucks are on the move during daylight hours.
Pheasant: Hunters continued to average about 1 – 1.5 birds per hunter this past weekend.

Day County
Fishing Report

Due to the high water and safety hazard of a potential vehicle and pedestrian accident, the county is no longer allowing pedestrians on the Grenville grade, Day Co 1 north of Hwy 12 to 140th St., and Yellowstone trail from Main St. to Day Co 1. Also, if you are shore fishing make sure you are parked in a legal parking spot and it is not posted as no parking.
Rush: Little activity
Waubay: Some nice perch and walleye being caught.
Bitter: Little activity.

Hunting Report
Waterfowl: With moderately warm temperatures around this week we are still holding some good numbers of waterfowl.
Deer: We have been reports that deer are really starting to move as we are at the beginning stages of rut.
Pheasant: Hunters getting off the beaten path and walking cattail sloughs seem to be doing the best.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report

Poinsett: With warmer temps we have seen a few boaters out fishing.

Hunting Report

Deer: Beginning to hear of some pre-rut activity.
Ducks: Still a few ducks in the area. As harvest continues the field hunting will continue to get better.
Canada Geese: Plenty of opportunity to harvest some birds as the crop harvest continues.

Marshall County
Fishing Report

A few anglers are venturing out but overall fishing pressure in the county is very low.

Hunting Report

Waterfowl: Seeing decent duck numbers in the eastern portion of the county. Good numbers of geese can be found throughout the county. Decent swan numbers have been observed in the eastern and northern portions of the county.
Pheasant: The nice weather has allowed harvest to kick back in gear, majority of the corn in the county has now been harvested. Hunters focusing on grass edges or sloughs in harvested crop fields are finding good success.
Deer: The rut is just getting fired up, with smaller bucks chasing does and good rubs and scrapes being observed. Now is a great time to be in the stand, you just never know what might come by. Good luck and be safe.

Park Report:
Pelican Lake Recreation Area:
Come on out to Pelican Lake Recreation Area during the month of November and take part in the self-guided activity “Creatures of the Night Hike and Seek”. Can you find what goes bump in the night? In this self-guided activity, we’re challenging you to find several nighttime creatures of South Dakota! Just hike the trails at participating state parks and Outdoor Campuses, keeping your eyes open for the informational signs and hidden nocturnal animal pictures along the way. The last time to enter for a prize
The dump station has been winterized due to freezing temperatures. That doesn’t mean camping season is over! The west campground comfort station will remain open a while longer for those of you looking to enjoy some fall ishing, hiking, and a cool campfire at night. Follow us on Facebook at Pelican Lake, Sandy Shore, and Lake Cochrane Recreation Area’s for more updates!

Richmond, Mina, Lake Louise Recreation Areas:
December is a great time to pheasant hunt in South Dakota. Come stay with us. Cabins are available for rent. For questions, please call Richmond Lake Recreation Area at 605-626-3488.