KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of May 16, 2022

Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report
Elm Lake: With the recent rain, the water level has risen significantly on the lake. Currently the dock at the Elm Lake Resort is under water and the south dock is closed due to construction on the dam.
Elm River: Anglers have been catching walleye by some of the dams.
James River: Anglers have been fishing some of the bridges with not much success.
Mina lake: Anglers have been catching some walleye. Jig and a minnow has been working the best. Anglers sticking to the shorelines in shallow water have been finding the best bite.
Richmond lake: Anglers have been catching walleye by the North Bridge and spillway. The walleye bite has been a bit sporadic. Evenings have been the best.

Hunting Report:
Turkey: Hunters are reminded that Brown County only has a spring archery turkey season. There are a few small flocks of turkeys in the Hecla area.

Clark County
Fishing Report
Dry 1: Slowing down for walleye on shore. Little boat activity.
Dry 2: The bite is fair for walleye and northern pike.
Indian Springs: The bite is fair for walleye.
Reid: Docks are in, and the walleye bite is fair.
Swan: The walleye bite is fair.

Hunting Report
Turkey: No report.

Codington County
Fishing Report
Blythe Slough: Little shore fishing pressure.
Dry Lake: Fishermen are catching a few walleye and northern pike from shore.
Goose: Fishermen are catching a few walleye by boat and from shore.
Kampeska: Fishermen are catching a few northern pike and walleye from shore.
Long Lake: Fishermen are catching a few walleye and northern pike from shore.
Pelican Lake: Little to no fishing pressure.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Only a couple of weeks left to the turkey season, toms are starting to search for unbread hens.

Day County
Fishing Report
Bitter: Anglers are starting to pick up some walleye.
Bluedog: Fishing pressure has been steady with anglers catching some walleye.
Rush: Lots of good shore fishing opportunity at the culverts.
Enemy Swim: Little activity.
Pickerel: Little activity.
Waubay: Anglers are having some success catching walleye and white bass.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Turkeys are still active and moving around. Hunters are reporting good success.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report
Clear Lake: A few smaller walleye are being caught.
Lake Albert: The walleye bite has picked up throughout the last week. Some northern pike are being caught from the north end of the lake. We’re seeing an abundance of carp along the north side of the lake for bow fishermen.
Lake Poinsett: Anglers continue to have good success catching walleye up by shore during the evening hours. Success has really increased with the warmer temperatures.
Three Buck: A few walleye are being caught as the temperatures warm up.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Turkey hunters are having success. Warmer temperatures have gotten birds spread out more. Birds are out searching for the remaining hens to bread, making them easier to target.

Marshall County
Fishing Report
Buffalo Lakes: Good northern pike bite and fair on walleye.
Cattail/Kettle: Anglers are finding a few northern pike.
Clear: Anglers are finding a few northern pike and bass.
Opitz: The perch and walleye bite is fair.
Piyas: Anglers are finding a few walleye and perch.
Roy: Anglers are venturing out, but the bite is slow.
West Stink Lake: Little to no activity.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Hunters are having better success as the season moves on. Toms are separating from the larger groups and are easier to call in.