KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of March 29, 2021

Aberdeen Area

Fishing Report
As the weather warms and ice is coming off the lakes, anglers are having some success in the evenings on Mina Lake fishing for Walleye.
James River: The River water is low, but some anglers have managed to find success.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: Snow geese are in the area, its spotty but if you are invested in hunting the snow geese, scouting is your best bet for a good hunt.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Water is open throughout the county. Some Shore anglers are having success, but for the most part – catch rates have been on the slow end. Boat anglers are trying Dry Lake #2 and Indian Springs. Boat Ramps are in across the county. Indian Springs area ramp was very soft; use common sense when launching your boat.

Hunting Report
Snow geese: Still a few snow geese around the area. Decoy groups are shooting a few still.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen are catching a few walleyes from shore.
Kampeska: A little shore fishing by North Shore is taking place.
Pelican Lake: There has been a little shore fishing taking place.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Dry Lake: Little fishing pressure.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: There are a few flocks around the area yet, for the hunters who want to do some searching.

Day County

Fishing Report
Rush: Anglers are having little success catching fish from the grade.
Waubay: Have not been seeing much fishing pressure. Still quite a bit of ice on the lake.
Bitter: Anglers are catching a few northern pike and walleye from shore right at dark.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: Not seeing much for snow geese in the area, most of the birds are gone.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report
Poinsett: Fishing activity is starting to pick up. The walleye bite seems to be better in the last hour of light. People are starting to fill their stringers with some nice fish when they are biting
Clear Lake: A few anglers have been shore fishing near the access, not a lot of fish have been reported being caught.
Lakes Mary; Norden; John: Some fishing activity on these lakes, but not a lot of fish have been caught.
Lake Albert: Some fishing activity on this lake but no fish have been caught.

Hunting Report
Snow geese: Most of the snow geese have moved out of the area.
Marshall County

Fishing Report
Some Lakes are open and some are still ice covered. Ice is way past the point of being safe. Few anglers are trying their luck off shore and finding a few fish, but nothing fast and furious. Not much for boating activity.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese are passing through the area but no major concentrations.

Park Report:
Park Report:
• The upcoming weather looks great to get out for some hiking, fishing, and early season camping! Comfort stations and other facilities may still be winterized at our state parks. You can follow facilities openings on each parks Facebook page. Reservations can be made at or 1-800-710-2267.

Pelican Lake Recreation Area
– This week’s Operation Adventure program is all about Pollinators! We will be learning why butterflies and bees are so essential for pollination, the process of pollination, and making native plant seed bombs and pollinator hotels! We will see you Thursday, April 1st at the Pelican Lake Recreation Area picnic shelter at 6:00 P.M.
– The dump station will be open this weekend! The comfort stations are still winterized but vault toilets are open for use. Follow our Facebook page “Pelican Lake, Sandy Shore and Lake Cochrane Recreation Areas” as we will update facility openings there as they happen.