Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report

Richmond: Anglers have been catching walleye, white bass, and crappies. The north bridge has been the hot spot to fish.
Elm: Anglers have been catching walleye and northern pike. Anglers fishing from boats on the south end of the lake are having the best luck.
Elm River: Anglers have been catching walleye and northern pike. Anglers have been fishing below the Elm Lake spillway, Kruse’s Dam, and in the Columbia area.
James River: Anglers are catching northern pike. The walleye bite has been slow. Bow fishermen are having good luck shooting carp. Anglers shooting carp need to pick up shot fish and dispose of them properly.
Mina: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, and catfish.

Clark County
Fishing Report
Dry 1: A few walleyes still being caught but slowing a bit from previous weeks.
Indian Springs: Slow weekend at the springs, few walleyes being caught.
Swan: Low pressure not many fish being caught at all.

Codington County
Fishing Report

Goose: Fishermen are catching walleye from shore and by boat. Boat access is difficult, boaters are reminded to park outside the no parking zone.
Blythe: Fishermen are still catching a few walleyes from shore. Most of which are over 20 inches.
Kampeska: Fishermen are catching a mixed bag of fish from shore and by boat, including (northern pike, white bass, perch, crappie and walleye.)
Pelican: Fishermen are catching walleye from the boat, evenings and mornings continue to be the best times.

Day County
Fishing Report

There have been a few changes in Day County for shore fishing. Due to the high water and safety hazard of a vehicle and pedestrian accident, the county is no longer allowing pedestrians on the Grenville grade, Day Co 1 north of Hwy 12 to 140th St., and Yellowstone trail from Main St. to Day Co 1. Also, if you are shore fishing make sure you are parked in a legal parking spot and it is not posted as no parking.

North Rush: Have been seeing heavy fishing pressure lately with marginal success for walleye. Some anglers are picking up a few perch.
Waubay: The walleye bite has been up and down lately and just about any techniques has been successful at times.
Bitter: Still not seeing much action on the lake, there has been some shore fishing on the northeast side of the lake.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report

Poinsett: Nice weather around. There was plenty of fishermen out on the lake. Turns out it was kind of slow this past week. The 300ft NO-WAKE zone restriction on Lake Poinsett has been removed.
Albert: Traffic picked up with this holiday weekend. Few nice fish picked up. Fish quantity remain low.

Marshall County
Fishing Report

Clear: Good bass and walleye fishing
Opitz: Decent walleye bite in the evenings
Roy: good walleye and bass bite in the morning and evenings.

Park Report:

Pelican Lake Recreation Area:
Check out our Facebook page @PelicanLakeSandyShore for E-Programs. On each post, you will find educational and interactive videos, daily challenges, and activity packets for a wide variety of ages for each lesson.

Fort Sisseton State Park:
#FunFactFriday is still going on! Go on a video exploration of the Fort with our park manager Ali as she answers some of the most frequently asked questions and gives us insight on some of the fun and lesser known history of the area. Check out our Facebook page for #FunFactFriday.