Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report
Richmond: There is still open water by the north and west bridges. Anglers have been catching some perch, crappie, and walleye.
Mina: Anglers are starting to venture out. Most fishermen are catching small perch and walleye.
Elm: There are weak spots by the resort bridge and west arm of the lake. Anglers have been catching some perch and small walleye.
Hosmer Slough: Anglers are catching some small perch.

Hunting Report
Pheasants: Hunters that are walking cattail sloughs are having the best luck. With the recent snow and warmer weather, hunters will have better luck hunting pheasants. The pheasant season is open until Jan 31, 2021.
Squirrel and rabbit: The cottontail rabbit and tree squirrel seasons are open until Feb 28, 2021. With the mild winter this is a great time to get a young hunter in the field.

Clark County
Fishing Report

Dry 1: Some smaller walleyes starting to get caught.
Dry 2: Seeing a lot of pressure. Some good walleye and nice perch getting harvested all throughout the lake. A lot of travel all across the lake on ATVs and snow machines. Still found 6 inches of ice on the lake this week.
Cottonwood: As of 1/4/2021 open water was observed on the lake.
Reid: Walleye harvest seems to be decent as of now along the west roadbed.
Lamb: Still seeing numbers of perch and a lot of pressure coming off the lake. Parking issues are still a problem. Be smart and don’t park on the road, especially after a snow event – graders can’t get through to clean the road.
Not much activity on other lakes across the county.

Codington County
Fishing Report

Goose: Fishermen are catching 13-15 inch walleye. The State ramp in the NW corner of the lake is now open for use.
Kampeska: Fishermen are catching a few walleye, blue gills and crappies.
Pelican Lake: Little fishing activity.
Blythe Slough: Fishermen are catching a few perch and walleye. A gravel launch has been added in the NW corner of the lake.

Hunting Report

Pheasant: Hunters are averaging about 2– 2.5 birds per hunter this past week.

Day County
Fishing Report

Due to the high water and safety hazard of a potential vehicle and pedestrian accident, the county is no longer allowing pedestrians on the Grenville grade, Day Co 1 north of Hwy 12 to 140th St., and Yellowstone trail from Main St. to Day Co 1. Also, if you are shore fishing make sure you are parked in a legal parking spot and it is not posted as no parking.

Waubay: Anglers are having some success catching a few perch and walleye.
Bitter: Lots of anglers fishing the lake having some success catching mainly perch with the occasional walleye.
Hazelden: Anglers are trying their luck but are struggling to catch good numbers of fish.

Hunting Report
Pheasant: Still seeing plenty of pheasants in the county.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report

Poinsett: Plenty of snow on the lake to make travel difficult. Reports are day to day but a few perch and walleye being caught.
Albert: Reports of some walleyes being caught in the evening.
Clear Lake: There has been reports of a few walleyes being caught.

Marshall County
Fishing Report

Roy: Decent pike fishing near the resort.
Clear: A few anglers ventured out and found some panfish and the occasional walleye.
White: A few crappie and walleye have been caught in the mornings and evenings.
Opitz: A few small walleyes and a few perch were caught over the weekend.
Buffalo lakes: A few panfish and pike have been caught.
Piyas: Decent walleye and perch bite near main lake points.

Hunting Report

Pheasant: Hunters walking cattails and tree belts with good cover, near harvested crop fields seem to be having the best success. The birds are a bit spooky, so planning a walk before exiting the vehicles will help keep the birds sitting tight. Good luck and be safe.

Park Report:

Don’t let the colder weather deter you from getting out and enjoying our State Parks! As always, our parks are open year-round so take some time to get out and enjoy South Dakota’s State Parks! The electricity is on year-round and the camping cabins and lodges have heat. Reservations can be made at campsd.com or 1-800-710-2267.
The 2021 Park Entrance License is currently for sale. Pick yours up today at any of our participating vendors in Watertown, Aberdeen and surrounding areas. These include Hy-Vee, Little River City, Gas n Goodies and the Cowboy Country Stores in Watertown. Aberdeen vendors include Ken’s Superfair Foods, Runnings, Kessler’s, and any GFP office.

Richmond Lake Recreation Area
The gates to Forest Drive have been locked for the season to start getting a base for the cross country ski trails. New this year, cross country skis are now available for check out. To reserve yours give the park a call at (605) 626-3488 at least a day prior to set up a time to get them.