KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of December 20, 2021

Aberdeen Area
Fishing Report
Most lakes have been frozen over. However, fishermen still need to be careful venturing out onto the ice.

Hunting Report
Pheasant Season: Colder weather has helped hunters find birds in bunches. Hunters are seeing good numbers of pheasants, but the pheasant are flushing way ahead of the hunters. Hunters need to hunt smart and use blockers to get closer to these wily birds. Hunters having the best success have been focusing on cattail sloughs and heavy cover. Sand Lake Refuge pheasant season opens on December 13-January 31.
Waterfowl Season: Most of the lakes and sloughs are covered in ice but Scatterwood Lake has huntable numbers of snow geese using the area. Snow goose season ends January 7, 2022.
Deer Season: The antlerless only deer season closed on the 19th of December. The Muzzleloader deer season opens on December 1-January 1. The Mentor, Youth, and Apprentice deer season ends on January 1, 2022.

Clark County
Fishing Report
Dry 2: Few walleye and perch.
Indian Springs: Slow walleye and perch but a few northern being caught.
Dry 1: Slow for walleye and perch.
Reid: Slow walleye and perch; frost access on north side is free to public.
Swan: No fishing activity.

Hunting Report
Waterfowl: Last report- very few snows. All other seasons closed.

Codington County
Fishing Report
Dry Lake: Ice along the eastern boat ramp is allowing some access with few fish being caught.
Long Lake: Few anglers venturing out.
Kampeska: Little fishing pressure.
Bodies of water are starting to freeze, use caution around thin ice. Check ice as you go.

Hunting Report
Pheasant Season: Hunters continue to average around two birds a hunter.
Waterfowl Season: Duck season has closed along with Canada Goose.
Deer Season: The colder temps may help to get the deer up and moving again. Muzzleloader and archery hunters will have a good opportunity for late season hunting. Only a short time left to get youth and mentored hunters to get them into deer hunting.

Day County
Fishing Report
Waubay: Fishing pressure has picked up. Please us caution as ice conditions are still inconsistent.
Bitter: Most pressure has been on the NE part of the lake with anglers catching walleye and perch.
Rush: Slow, but a few people have tried their luck. They are catching a few perch and walleye.

Hunting Report
Pheasant Season: Hunters are having decent success harvesting birds. Slough bottoms next to harvest crop fields have been the best.
Deer Season: There is still time to get out and fill your mentored, apprentice, youth and archery tags if you are willing to brave the frigid temperatures.

Hamlin County
Fishing Report
Lake Poinsett: A few anglers out ice fishing, success has not been great.
Three Buck: A few anglers out ice fishing. A few walleyes have been caught.
Lake Albert: Little to no fishing pressure.
Clear Lake: Little to no pressure.
Snow geese are keeping several of these bodies of water partially open. Use extreme caution when going out onto the local lakes in Hamlin County.

Hunting Report
Pheasant Season: Hunting pressure on pheasants has remained steady. With some snow fall and colder temperatures, expect pheasants to start concentrating on thick cover areas.
Waterfowl Season: The cold weather has pushed many of the birds out of the county. Few birds remain in the area.
Hunters have been having fair success.
Deer Season: Deer activity has increased in the afternoons with the colder temperatures. Deer are beginning to group up in wintering areas.

Marshall County
Fishing Report
Roy: Anglers are catching a few northern pike in the bay
Clear: Little to no activity.
Cattail / Kettle Lakes: Little to no activity.
Opitz: Little to no activity.
Buffalo Lakes: Anglers are finding a few small perch and northern pike.
Piyas Lake: Anglers are finding a few perch, bite is slow. Be extremely careful on the lake there has been 2 ATV’s go through the ice this last weekend.
Ice conditions are very unpredictable, and you need to use extreme caution while venturing out right now!!!!!

Hunting Report
Pheasant Season: Slow, however hunters are finding a few birds.
Deer Season: Archery, muzzleloader and youth are still giving it a shot on filling their tags.

Parks Report
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