KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of August 2, 2021

Aberdeen Area

Fishing Report
Richmond Lake: Anglers have been catching bluegill, crappie and perch. Fishermen are catching bluegills in shallow water, bobber fishing with a plain hook and a piece of worm has been working the best.
Elm Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, crappie and perch. Anglers fishing from boats and pulling spinners with live bait have had the best luck. The south boat dock and handicap fishing pier have been pulled. The water level is too low to use these docks.
Elm River: The water flow on the river has been minimal. Anglers fishing the dams on the river have had the best luck. Anglers are catching crappie and northern pike.
Mina Lake: Anglers have been catching walleye, northern pike, bluegill and perch. The walleye bite is better in the evenings.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Dry 2: Fair to good for walleye.
Indian Springs: Fair to good for walleye. Parking is still an issue. Anglers need to abide by the signs. Vehicle trespass citations will continue to be issued upon anglers not complying with parking signs.
Dry 1: Fisherman are catching a fair amount of walleye.
Reid: Fisherman are catching a few walleye and perch.
Swan: Fisherman are catching some walleye.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen are primarily catching walleye from the boat, as the weeds make shore fishing difficult. The walleye continue to be 14 to 16 inches, with a few over 20 inches being caught as well.
Kampeska: Fishing has remained consistent over the past couple weeks. Fishermen pulling the center of the lake are finding a few walleye and perch, while other fishermen are still reporting a mixed bag of fish.
Pelican Lake: Fishermen are catching a few walleye and northern pike.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Dry Lake: Fishermen are reporting few fish being caught.

Day County

Fishing Report
Waubay: Anglers are having some success catching a few walleye and white bass.
Bitter: Anglers are catching more smaller walleye but are still picking up good numbers of fish.
Enemy Swim: The bluegill bite has slowed.
Hamlin County

Fishing Report
Lake Poinsett: Fishing has picked up over the past week. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of walleye, perch, crappie, northern pike and bass. Anglers are having the best success during the early morning hours.
Lake John/Mary: Little to no activity.
Three Buck: A few walleye and northern pike are being caught.
Lake Albert: Fishing pressure has been slow. An occasional walleye is being caught.
Clear Lake: Small walleye are being caught; fishing has been slow.

Marshall County

Fishing Report
South Buffalo Lake: Bluegill and crappie bite is good.
North Buffalo Lake: Little to no activity.
Piyas Lake: Walleye bite is slow.
Opitz Lake: Walleye bite is good.
Cattail / Kettle Lake: Activity is slowing due to lots of vegetation.
Clear Lake: Bluegill and crappie bite and bass action is very good.
Roy Lake: Good bass bite.
South Red Iron: Fair bass bite.