KWAT’s Outdoor Report for week of April 26, 2021

Aberdeen Area

Fishing Report
The fishing has started to pick up around the area. Fishing pressure is starting to pick up as weather conditions have improved.
James River: Fishing pressure and success have been picking up. Anglers have been having very good success catching northern pike. Anglers are also having success catching catfish, and the occasional walleye. The water levels remain significantly lower than previous years, making it tough for anglers.
Mina Lake: Fishing pressure has increased with the warm weather. Anglers have been having success catching a few walleyes during the early morning and evening hours. The last 45 minutes of the daylight have proven to be the most effective.
Richmond Lake: Fishing success has increased as the water temperatures have started to rise. Anglers are reporting the best success during the early morning hours and during the last 45 minutes of daylight.
Elm Lake: Fishing has been slow, not much fishing activity has been observed.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: A small amount of snow geese remain in the area; although there are still huntable pockets of juvenile snow geese that can be found in the northern part of the county.

Clark County

Fishing Report
Dry 2: Fishing has been very slow. The road has been graded, remember to drive slowly to maintain integrity of the road.
Dry 1: Decent walleye are being caught off the road grade as well as from boats. Reminder not to park on the roads between the signs.
Indian Springs: Fishing has been very slow with little to no fish being caught.

Codington County

Fishing Report
Goose: Fishermen continue to catch a few walleye from shore and boat. Most of the walleye are in the 14-15-inch range with a few over 20 inches being caught as well.
Kampeska: Fishermen are doing some fishing by North Shore; fishermen are catching a mixed variety.
Pelican Lake: Little fishing pressure.
Blythe Slough: Little fishing pressure.
Long Lake: The new boat ramp is open for use in the NW corner of the lake.
Dry Lake: Little fishing pressure.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: Most snow geese have left the area.
Turkey: Birds are still spreading out and hunters are having some luck.

Day County

Fishing Report
Waubay: Fishing pressure from the boat has picked up with success being best towards evening for walleye. Reminder that there is no pedestrian traffic allowed on the Grenville grade 132nd St.
Bitter: Not seeing a lot of fishing pressure and the bite has been slower for most anglers.
Blue Dog: Success for walleye has been up and down.

Hunting Report
Turkey: Hunters that have found a break in weather have seen success.

Hamlin County

Fishing Report
Overall fishing has been pretty good for anglers.
Poinsett: Fishing activity has been very steady at the lake; walleye fishing has picked up and more fish are being caught closer to sunset. Fishermen are catching crappies and a few perch on north side of the lake.
Lakes Mary; Norden; John: Fishing has been steady on these bodies of water. A few are being caught.
Clear Lake: Activity on the lake has picked up in the last week. People are catching fish right before dark. A lot of small walleye, but some folks have had success with a few catching larger walleye.
Three Buck: Some walleye are being caught from shore. Fishermen need to be mindful of property rights when accessing the lake for fishing.

Hunting Report
Snow Geese: Most of the snow geese have moved out of the area.
Turkey: Turkey hunters are out more in the last week or so; quite a few hunters are having success. Warmer temperatures should encourage the turkeys to be more responsive when being called.

Marshall County

Fishing Report
North and South Buffalo Lakes: Has slowed down, some northern pike are being caught with few walleye.
Cattail and Kettle Lakes: It’s a slow go, with an occasional walleye being caught.
Opitz Lake: The bite is not on.
Piyas Lake: Slow for walleye and perch.
Roy: Little to no activity

Hunting Report
Snow geese: Have gone, no numbers to hunt.
Turkey: Hunters are having very good luck calling in the big ole Tom’s.

The upcoming weather looks great to get out for some hiking, fishing and early season camping! Comfort stations and other facilities may still be winterized at our state parks. You can follow facilities openings on each parks Facebook page. Reminder for May to make reservations for the upcoming Mother’s Day and Open House Weekend. Reservations can be made at

Roy Lake State Park: Is excited to show off their hard work over the last couple months by inviting you to an open house the weekend of May 22nd. At the open house, we will have tours running through our cabins, suites, and lodge to show the improvements that have taken place. We will also be able to take reservations and answer any questions about reservations, camping rules, or anything you wish to know more about. For times and information, stay tuned to our Facebook page, “Roy Lake State Park”, to find out more about our open house weekend!

Pelican Lake Recreation Area: Things are warming up! The park is in good shape, the dock and fishing dock are in, the trails are looking great with lots of birds and critters out and about, and we are turning the dump station back on! For more updates on facility openings please follow our Facebook page at “Pelican Lake, Sandy Shore, and Lake Cochrane Recreation Areas”.
Operation Adventure- We are also holding our latest Operation Adventure program Thursday, April 29th. This week’s program is “Shore Fishing”! We will be meeting at the picnic shelter at 6:00pm and go from there. Fishing rods, tackle, and bait will be provided. Any questions please call the office at 605-882-5200.