Ice continues to be a talking point in Watertown mayoral race  (Audio)

May 25, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Last week, the Watertown City Council approved spending another one-million dollars on the development and construction of a new downtown park, bringing the overall price tag of that project to three million dollars.

It will include an outdoor skating rink that’ll cost $500,000, and it comes at the same time the city is working toward breaking ground on a new indoor ice arena.

Mayor Sarah Caron says there’s a distinct difference between these two places where people will be able to skate…

Election Day is three weeks from today. Caron’s challenger–Ried Holien–is chairman of the Ice Arena Committee, and has been leading the charge to get a new ice arena built. He says it will be a multi-purpose facility, although concerts might not be on the list of non-ice events held there…

Plans are for the new ice arena to be built north of Hobby Lobby just off Willow Creek Drive.