Huron Activities Director optimistic about starting next month

Brent Nathaniel
Thanks to Jeff Duffy at Performance Radio, Huron.


HURON, S.D. (Performance Radio – Huron) — Many districts across the state meeting to come up with their plan on holding academic and athletic activities this upcoming fall, the Huron Board of Education is no different and held a lengthy COVID discussion earlier this week.  The district is planning on beginning the new school year as scheduled on August 24 with students in the classroom if they choose. Activities and athletics are also planned to begin on time.

Huron Activities Director Terry Rotert is a member of the SDHSAA COVID task force, and says situations are different depending where you’re at:

There are many decisions to make, such as when a game has to be cancelled due to COVID:

Rotert says some states are flipping fall and spring sports:

Mr Rotert is optimistic about starting next month:

Rotert hopes a plan can be brought the the Activities Association Board next Monday.