Holien planning “deep dive” look into all of Watertown’s boards and committees  (Audio)

September 22, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–There are dozens of boards and committees that were formed to work on behalf of the city of Watertown, but not even Mayor Ried Holien knows exactly how many there are, or what the extent of their authority or powers are.

Holien tells KWAT News he wants to change that by taking a deep look into the issue, all in the interest of streamlining local government and making it more effective…

For the mayor, it comes down to one basic goal….

And what about the boards and committees that DO meet???

Holien says he’ll research over the next six months what each board and committee does, when they meet, and what authority they have, and then present that information to the city council.

Any changes to boards or committees can be made through policy changes or by ordinance.