Highway 212 construction work in Watertown to resume this spring  (Audio)

January 27, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–The timeline for completing Phase Two of the Highway 212 reconstruction through Watertown has changed. Phase Two runs between the intersection of Highway 81 and 19th Street East. 

Initially, the South Dakota Department of Transportation had planned to do all the work this summer, but engineer Bryce Olson says now it’ll be parceled out over a two year period.

This year, he says construction crews will focus on getting below-ground work done..

Olson explains where the storm sewer work will be happening this year..

The other storm sewer work will be done on the east end of the project..

Why split the work over two years, instead of trying to get it all done this year???

As for the above-ground work on Highway 212 that’ll happen next year, it’ll look a lot like what was done on the west end of 212…

The bid for this year’s storm sewer work went to Halme Incorporated of Lake Norden.