GFP Launches Go Outdoors South Dakota, the Combined Licensing and Park Reservation System

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) launched a new e-commerce system, Go Outdoors South Dakota.

This system combines the purchases of hunting and fishing licenses with state parks camping reservations and other purchases. The new system makes it easier and more convenient for the public to log in and view their preference points, purchase hunting and fishing licenses, make park reservations, and manage their profile information.

“We are very excited to offer a one stop shop for customers looking to pursue their next outdoor adventure. The new e-commerce system makes it easier for family and friends to get outdoors and create long lasting memories and traditions,” said Kevin Robling, GFP Department Secretary.

Log in and check out the new system today at

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the new system?

Go to and begin by logging into or creating a mySD account. New with the system is integration with the statewide single sign on to provide additional account security and connection between other state agency systems. If you have an existing account with mySD, please use the email address on file. If you need to create a new mySD account, you will be prompted to do so after entering your unique email address. Every family member will need a unique email address for their mySD account to proceed. Upon verifying your customer information, you will be brought to the Customer Home Page where you can manage your profile information.

Will I still be able to purchase at a license agent location?

Yes. Most license agent locations will continue to sell GFP licenses. While the system launched on December 15, 2021, it would be a good idea to call ahead before visiting a license agent to make sure they are prepared to sell you a license.

Did my preference points get transferred?

Yes! All preference points on your customer account will remain valid with the new system. The preference points purchased for 2022 season are already included in the point values displayed on your account available now. For example, you purchased one preference point for Gavins Point Paddlefish on December 10, 2021 where previously you had zero. Now you will have one displaying for 2022. If you notice any irregularities with your account, please call our customer support line at 605.223.7660.

What is Auto-Renew?

Once you complete a purchase through the new system, you may be asked to sign up for auto-renew. This is a feature that allows you to automatically renew any applicable licenses/permits when they are about to expire using a stored payment method. If you choose to enroll, you will receive an email 10 days in advance notifying that your eligible licenses will be renewed using Auto-Renew. You may adjust your auto-renew settings (including stored payment) at any time before your license(s) expires through your customer profile.

Licenses eligible for auto-renew include resident small game, annual fishing, combination, and furbearer licenses. The habitat stamp will be automatically added to your cart and auto-renew with your other licenses you have selected. Nonresident annual fishing, shooting preserve, and predator/varmint licenses are also eligible for auto-renew.

Did my Auto-Renew run?

Automatic renewal of customer licenses were issued on January 3, 2022 this year. Customers with a valid payment option on file, who met the customer criteria to automatically renew their licenses, received a purchase confirmation email to the email address listed on their customer account. Log in to your account to confirm your current and 2022 licenses are on file. The system is up to date on all transactions. If you do not see the licenses you were expecting to auto-renew, please purchase accordingly.

What is a Durable South Dakota Collector’s Card?

When you purchase a license and/or permit through the system, you may be asked if you would like to upgrade to a durable card for $5. This optional, durable card is a valid form of proof of purchase that will not be damaged by water, sun, dirt, or regular wear and tear like the traditional paper document. The card is made of credit card-like material that contains your customer and license information on one side, and on the other side features artwork from Terry Redlin, America’s most popular outdoor artist and South Dakota native.

Cards are mailed within 5-10 business days of purchase to the customer mailing address on file. At the time of printing, eligible licenses currently held by the customer will print on the card. Hunters are still required to carry the physical tags for big game in addition to the collector’s card. Current licenses that will be printed on the card include: habitat stamp, annual fishing, annual small game, combination, furbearer, predator/varmint, and migratory bird.

Two artwork options are available to print on your collector’s card at this time. You may order one of each design, if desired, at time of purchase. GFP intends to offer new artwork on the collector’s cards each year, so start with the first one!

Will my mobile app still work?

As part of the system transition, there are new mobile app versions available for download. If you have the previous mobile app, please update the app through the app store. If you do not have the app already downloaded, search for “Go Outdoors South Dakota” to find GFP’s official mobile app for iOS and Android. Note: users will not automatically be updated to the latest app version. To access the latest version of the app each user must manually update/download the Go Outdoors SD app.

The app will allow you to purchase licenses and access your license information, no matter where you are. You may download multiple customer licenses to offer one secure digital license document location for families, groups, and more. This will also be a legal means of carrying your licenses in the field. In addition to storing multiple customers’ documents, you are able to sign up for season reminders and access regulations documentation.

How do I check my upcoming parks reservations and make a new reservation?

GFP has consolidated the camping reservations system into the new e-commerce system! You may now log in to with your mySD account to access your upcoming reservations. You may also purchase Park Entrance Licenses and/or make a campsite reservation at any state park in our great state.

If you notice any irregularities with your account, please call our customer support line at 800.710.2267.